Tweet To Riches: Skyrocket and Monetize Your Following - 4-Day Program

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Tweet To Riches: Skyrocket and Monetize Your Following - 4-Day Program

Sam ✍
28 ratings

No more tweets that get 0 engagement.

No more tweeting to see 0 growth in followers.

Because let me tell you something:

There should be absolutely NO REASON, why your twitter isn't growing.

It's by far the easiest platform to grow, and just in the last month, I have seen an increase of 1450+ followers.

And I'm seeing 50-100% increases in that number every single month.


Good question.

But let me ask you something first:

What if simple little sentences could get you in front of a targeted audience of millions of people?

Well they can:

Pretty interesting huh?

What's even better about this is that these followers are targeted based on topics... For example, when I'm trending in SEO, I get a ton of SEO followers

Going back to your question here is the answer:

  1. Create a good profile
  2. Write fire tweets that people appreciate
  3. Optimize your tweets for topics
  4. Build strategic relationships with other accounts

And I created a FREE 4-day training program that teaches you this STEP-BY-STEP.

The best thing about it?

Each day only takes 20 minutes to consume the content.

NOTE: Please do not sign up for this if you can't commit 20 minutes per day. This is only for serious people that want to grow a following and monetize it.

Day 1: Niche Selection Strategy & Creating a Killer Profile ($19 Value)

Here we discuss:

  • Finding a niche
  • Finding big accounts in that niche
  • Creating a profile that is proven to work - even if you have 0 experience

Day 2: Writing Killer Tweets + Tweet Templates ($49 Value)

After we created your profile, we discuss:

  • How to write good tweets
  • The types of tweets that are effective

This day also comes with 7 FREE tweet templates that have gotten me 100,000's of thousands of impressions each.

Day 3: Topic Optimization + Getting Engagement ($37 Value)

This day will teach you how to get targeted followers:

  • The secret to growing on Twitter
  • How to get your tweets suggested to targeted followers
  • How to beat the algorithm so your tweets are suggested for more than 18 minutes... And make it 24 hours (= tons of likes, followers, and eventually $$$)

Day 4: 30-day Action Plan & Growth Blueprint ($29 Value)

On day 4, I give you:

  • A list of action points you should follow to make sure you're going to hit your goals.
  • 2 videos explaining them

This is split up into 2 sections:

One if you're under 1000 followers.

The other if you have more than 1000 followers.

So you know exactly what to do based on where you are in your journey.

Total Value: $134

Yours Today: $0 - Yes, For FREE

Plus, each follower is worth $1 per month...

Meaning: If you actually apply what's in this guide and take action, you'll be able to build a business from it.

Feedback from others on my Twitter tips:

Get Started By Clicking "I Want This" and Then Enter Your Email To Access The Contents

Warning: This may become a paid offer in the future, so if this is something you want - I recommend signing up ASAP for free lifetime access.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is it Free? Is There an Upsell?

Nope. I just want to build a 10k marketing-niche email list by next year, so I am creating a lot of free offers to get email addresses.

That said, there are affiliate links inside to the tools I use, but I also explain how to do it without it.

How Are The Materials Delivered?

Through Gumroad. There are 4 PDFs, and for some steps there are videos as well.

Will This Work For Me?

This will definitely work for you if your niche falls into one of the following categories:

  • Marketing (SEO, Copywriting, Twitter, Ecom, Affiliate, etc.)
  • Investing (Crypto, Stocks, any type, etc.)
  • Health and Fitness (Weight loss, muscle building, etc.)
  • Wisdom (Psychology, Self-improvement, self-care, etc.)

This product is not currently for sale.


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