Captain Content: Write SEO Articles Like a Pro

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Captain Content: Write SEO Articles Like a Pro

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7 ratings

SEO Web content.

You're good at writing it?

You can generate endless traffic, sales, clients.

You suck at it?

You're wasting your time and nobody will ever hear what you have to say...

The good news: There are some little tricks that can turn boring content into traffic and sales.

As a writer who has generated 100,000+s of visitors, written for tons of 6 and 7-fig websites, won affiliate contests - I know a few of these little tricks.

SEMrush affiliate contest winner:

Over 118+ 5* reviews on Legiit (fastest growing freelancing platform) (100%):

Testimonial from the Legiit CEO after writing dozens of articles:

Working with so many different Entrepreneurs, SEOs and businesses has taught me MANY of the tricks...

Because I'm actually a horrible writer.

It was only through the "tricks" I learned, I started writing content that actually performed.

So good that now I often get paid several $100 to write a single article.

But do you know what's great about this?

All of it can be learned.

As mentioned, I'm not actually good at writing.

I just learned the ins and outs of web content which is why I understand a user's behavior when they click on a page.

This allows me to format and structure my articles in such a way that makes them:

  • Read what I want them to

  • Click on what I want them to

Who is this for?

This course is for you if:

  • You want to learn content writing to grow your business website with SEO.

  • You want to learn content writing to grow your affiliate website with SEO.

  • You want to learn content writing so you can write for clients, and get paid.

Although, I don't teach you how to get clients in this course... Content writing is a skill that's highly in-demand so you can use it to get paid to write.

Who is this NOT for?

  • You have no interest in growing your business' organic traffic from Google.

  • You don't think you will ever have a website for your business AND you don't want to get paid writing for clients

Course Structure

Here's how this course is structured:

  1. I teach you the foundational knowledge explaining how web content is different from other types of writing

  2. I teach you the basics (shit that most in this space know) on writing good content (Basic SEO and so on)

  3. I teach you the advanced rules that will help you give your audience EXACTLY what they are looking for

  4. I teach you advanced sales and SEO techniques to put the icing on the cake.

So basically you get all my secrets and can keep a list of these "tricks" next time you are writing a blog post.

How Much Does This Cost?

Current Price: $47.

Price after 50 new members:


What Do You Get Inside?

3 HOURS of Training on SEO Copywriting ($97 Value)

The training shows you how to write content:

  • Generates visitors

  • Keeps visitors

  • Converts visitors

BONUS #1 - Keyword Research Module ($47 Value)

When you join today - you'll get the Keyword research module... FREE!

This includes strategies on how to find LOW-Competition keywords QUICKLY. 30+ Minutes of over-the-shoulder training so you can copy the process.

I've also teamed up with SEMrush to get you an extended trial - and you can always cancel.

BONUS #2 60% Affiliate Commission ($25 Value)

When you purchase today and you get a whopping 60% commission when you sign up as an affiliate.

Now that's a tasty cookie, right? ;)

That means if you have an audience of internet marketers or SEOs... You can make a serious extra buck.

BONUS #3 - FACEBOOK Group ($99 Value)

Private Facebook group where you can tag me and I answer all your questions.

You get personal help from me on a $47 course... Plus I even record content feedback videos and share them in the group so everyone can learn :)

BONUS #4 - Monetization Module ($47 Value) Coming Mid January)

Making money is what we really want.

I will show you my favorite ways to monetize a blog.

This is advanced training that helps you find the right affiliate programs + products and more.

Total Value: $315


If you're in SEO - I GUARANTEE This Course Will Make You Money


Because it will increase how much traffic you generate with content + the conversions = more revenue.

What if it doesn't?

Even if you go through the course and you only think it won't...

You can get a FULL refund within 14-days of purchase - NO MICKEY MOUSE games... You ask for a refund - you get one.

But I know every serious SEO or content writer will LOVE it...



How do I know - because I have had advanced SEOs go through the course:

@DylansMarketing on Twitter:

"Honestly worth $1000 or more" - Chris M. Walker, CEO of Legiit and Superstar SEO

Luis Cota/Solving SEO - SEO freelancer & affiliate

Plus look at my Car... You could be driving a bad boi like this when you complete the course.

CLICK "I WANT THIS" To Get Started - When you've gone ahead it will show you all the instructions.

  • Course with $97 value for $47

  • FREE Bonuses worth over $200

  • Private Facebook Group included

  • 60% Affiliate Commission included

  • Refund Policy: You can get a refund within 14-days - but you must provide feedback.

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